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The KA-8000 boilerThe KA-8000 boiler

          The KA-8000 boiler has been designed to provide two main functions:producing asphalt inside the boiler and collecting ready asphalt from the bituminous mix plant, including its transport to the working site. The KA-8000 boiler for producing and transporting gussasphalt and hard gussasphalt can be provided in an encased version, on a towed trailer or a vehicle frame, with appropriate load capacity.
          The drive unit of the KA-8000 boiler is a high quality, high pressure, two-cylinder Hatz combustion engine (75 dB) of the silent pack type. The engine drives a high capacity hydraulic pump, which, in turn, propels a hydraulic engine. The hydraulic engine drives a mixer (variable adjustment), with a range of 0 to 9 rpm, using a set of RBS distributors. The mixer has a bearing support and is mounted vertically inside the tank. The pump also drives a hydraulic cylinder, which opens the bolt of the discharge system. 
          In addition, the combustion engine propels an AC generator, which feeds an oil burner, and controls and provides lighting for the working area. Additionally, it also provides lighting for the platform of the engine room, as required. 
          The high capacity tank is made entirely of certified boiler plate. It is insulated with a layer of insulating material, 100mm thick. The tank's outer shell of the KA-8000 boiler has been made of acid-proof sheet metal plate so as to provide anticorrosion protection.In the upper part of the tank there is an enlarged discharge opening, which enables the acquisition of asphalt both from new and old types of bituminous mix plants.
          The heating and maintaining of temperature for various types of asphalt is done through using a powerful oil burner, which is integrated with the electronic system that controls the asphalt temperature. The purpose of the control system is to maintain the set temperature and prevent the overheating of asphalt. This is done through a set of reliable, high quality temperature sensors, as well as controllers and indicators of control line I. 
          Additionally, the control system has a temperature sensor of control line II. Its purpose is to shut down the entire heating system in the event of failure of the control elements of line I. The precise proportioning of asphalt is carried out by a hydraulically-controlled bolt of the discharge system and an appropriately profiled trough.

Length, L in mm:4300
Width, B in mm:2200
Height, H in mm:2450
Device parameters
Device parameters: 
Own weight, in kg:4000
Tank capacity :4,5 m³
Total weight, in kg:13800
Thickness of boiler's insulation :100 mm
Dimensions of charge opening :1000 x 1200 mm
Dimensions of discharge opening :350 x 500 mm
Engine parameters: 
Combustion engine:Diesel Hatz 2L41C
Power:25.3 kW / 34.4 HP
Fuel tank of burner's engine :60 l
Heating system
Heating system parameters: 
Oil burner :C.I.B. Unigas / Hermann
Fuel:furnace / diesel oil
Fuel tank:100 l
Power system
Electric system: 
AC generator :1,5 kVA 50 Hz
Battery:12V 65 Ah
Lighting system:Lamps: working, road, warning, control
Steering and hydraulic system
Hydraulic system: 
Hydraulic pump:Sauer Danfoss SNP2
Hydraulic engine:Sauer Danfoss TMVN
Hydraulic oil tank:80 l
General-purpose hydraulic oil :HV 68
Trailer – minimum load capacity :12 000 kg
Speed:Up to 40km/h or 60km/h (Optionally)