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Recycler UPZA-3000  NEW !Recycler UPZA-3000 NEW !

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This innovative development of the Recycler Model UPZA-1000 consists of the use of a new system for displacement and heating of the bituminous material in the drum. The solution allows continuous operation of the unit.

 A Diesel engine mounted in the machine compartment of the unit drives a hydraulic engine via hydraulic pump, and rotates the drum together with asphalt material in it. Heating of the material is performed by a flame delivered to the combustion chamber through a special tube inside the drum, and hot air from the tube melts the asphalt.

The unit can operate in two modes:

Intermittent processing of the cut asphalt

Processing of the cut asphalt consists of charging the cut or milled asphalt material through the charging hopper of the Recycler, heating it to the appropriate temperature and its discharge through the drum discharge channel in the rear part of the Recycler. After reaching the appropriate temperature, the ready-made material is discharged directly to the prepared hollow in the road or to a wheel-barrow. Metering of the material is realized by repealing the drum gate valve and RPM control by a hydraulic distributor lever. The cycle is repeated after complete discharging of the drum.

Continuous processing of the cut asphalt

Productivity of processing of the cut asphalt can be increased when operating the unit in the continuous cycle. Operating principle consists of charging the cut or milled asphalt through the charging hopper of the Recycler, its heating to appropriate temperature and gradual discharging of the drum, while replenishing the ready-made asphalt material with fresh, previously prepared cut asphalt material.

The continuous melting cycle can only be achieved, when the following conditions are met.

Conditions for continuous asphalt processing:


 Pressure in the hydraulic circuit must contain within the range of 60 – 70 bar, acc. to the pressure gauge indications,

  • Charge temperature must contain within the range of 150 – 170ºC, acc. to the drum thermometer indications/set up of the thermometer in the control box,
  • The discharge channel gate valve should be opened not wider than up to 70 mm,
  • The charged material must be dry and of fine grain (milled asphalt),
  • Volume of the charged material in the drum must be maintained at the constant level.
  •  After each fifteen minutes (approximately), the gate valve should be closed for about 4 min. in order to heat up (melt), blend and equalize temperature of the freshly charged material with the material in the drum.

When operating the Recycler in the intermittent mode, preparation of the first charge takes longer time in order to reach the required operating temperature. Preparation time of the next charges is shorter, if the drum is not cooled down.

Preparation time of the first charge is also longer when operating the Recycler in the continuous mode.