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EKS-1600/1600R SprayerEKS-1600/1600R Sprayer

The device features a chassis with an own type approval and can be towed by any vehicle with pneumatic brake system. EKS – 1600/2000 Sprayers are qualified as “special trailer” category. According to the Act dated 20 June 1997 “Road Traffic Act” Journal of Laws 03.58.515, Art. 71 Section 3, a special trailer is approved for road traffic if towed by a slow-speed vehicle, i.e.: motor vehicle with speed limited to 25 km/h (e.g.: farm tractor), and corresponds to the conditions specified in Art. 66 Journal of Laws. 03.58.515. Such vehicle does not require type approval and registration. Permissible towing speed - 25 km/h.


A device equipped with a spray bar (ramp). A spray bar design allows very accurate spraying of a road in continuous operation with 12 nozzles (6l/min delivery each at 0,2 MPa and 5°E viscosity) in the distance of 18-20cm from the surface.

Length L mm:4250
Width B mm:2100
Height H mm:2230
Device parameters
Device parameters: 
Kerb weight kg:1450
Usable capacity of a bitumen tank:1,6 m3
Bitumen temperature raise at full capacity:40˚/ h
Maximum bitumen temperature drop at 15° C (ambient temp.):1˚/ h
Max. heating temperature :150˚
Bitumen gear pump :P.B. MADRO S.A. Wrocław / 50 dm3 / min
Engine parameters: 
Power:7,5 kW
Fuel consumption:200g / kMh
Fuel:diesel oil
Heating system
Heating system parameters: 
Burner / manufacturer:P.B. MADRO S.A. Wrocław
Burner fuel:diesel oil
Fuel consumption at continuous operation:3.5 dm³ / h
Burner fuel tank capacity :20dm³
Brake system:pneumatic supplied by a towing vehicle
Tyres:10.0 / 75-15.3
Coupling:for D-35 trailer
Accessories:sprayer / spray bar
Chassis:P.B. MADRO S.A Wrocław