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Recycler - Sprayer UPSE-1000Recycler - Sprayer UPSE-1000

Recycler-Sprayer – Universal Road Machine UPSE - 1000

A combustion engine mounted on a device frame drives a hydraulic motor via a hydraulic pump, which rotates dual shell drum filled with a bitumen mastic.
A bitumen mastic is heated at the rotation of a dual shell drum.
Ready mastic is pumped through an outlet directly to a pothole or a wheel-barrow.
An asphalt emulsion between both shells is heated with an oil burner used for heating a recycler. A combustion engine mounted on a frame drives a compressor. A compressor drives a membrane pump which draws in an asphalt emulsion from between the two drum shells heated by an oil burner to the sprayer.
A compressor is used for blowing through an emulsion system after the operation is completed.



Length L mm:5100
Width B mm:2140
Height H mm:2100
Device parameters
Device parameters: 
Kerb weight kg:2300
Total weight kg:3300
Load capacity kg (recycler):1000
Capacity kg/h (recycler):2000
Capacity ltr (sprayer):1000
Maximum heating temperature:150°C
Heating time of a tank filled with recycled asphalt pavement to 150°C:~ 30 min.
Maximum asphalt emulsion heating temperature:70 ± 5 °C
Maximum asphalt emulsion temperature drop (no heating - at 15°C ambient temperature):~ 1 °C / h
Heating time of a tank filled with asphalt emulsion to 65°C:~ 1 h
Engine parameters: 
Diesel engine :YANMAR
Power:7.5kW (10HP) / 3,000 rpm
Fuel tank capacity:6,5 dm³
Fuel consumption at continuous operation:200 g / KMh
Heating system
Heating system parameters: 
Fuel:diesel oil / fuel oil
Fuel tank capacity:80 dm³
Fuel consumption at continuous operation:11,2 kg / h
Burner start-up :electric